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10 Hashtags You May Not Want to Use

Are you caught up in the hashtag chaos?

If you are using a hashtag, or a number of hashtags just for the ‘fun of it’ you don’t need to read any further, but if you are trying to build or grow a business online you might want to read some more.

Here are a list of hashtags that probably won’t get you any business:

  1.  #mydogcantswim
  2.  #peelthelayersofanonion
  3.  #iamgoinginsane
  4.  #ijustgotoutofjail
  5.  #weredogs
  6.  #whatihadfordinner
  7.  #idontlikeyou
  8.  #monkeysarefunny
  9.  #crazyisascrazydoes
  10.  #imalwaysonholidays

Hashtags are a very misunderstood tool in social media, but when used properly they can be a very useful marketing technique. They are equivalent to Google search – by clicking on the #hashtag you will be able to access a list of content that use that keyword. This can be a great way to curate content.

A hashtag can help you boost your keywords so that people can easily find the product or service you are offering. They are also very helpful in growing your expert status. Just make sure that you follow the etiquette for the social media platform you are using them on.

I know they can be confusing and there isn’t a lot of clear information out there. This is the secret marketing technique I talk about in my Keyword Marketing Secrets report.

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