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SEO Is Dead – Why This Is The Biggest Myth In Your Online Marketing Business


Lately, many online marketers say that SEO is dead. As a result, many new online marketers don’t consider the importance SEO in their business. They no longer spend a considerable amount of time searching for the keywords to target, optimizing their website pages, and building their business authority in social media. This is a bad business practice, because actually, SEO is not dead. SEO will never be dead for as long as search engines exist.

If you still believe that SEO is dead, here are the reasons why this is the biggest myth in your online marketing business:

1. SEO Is the Only Way To Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

If you want to boost your search engine ranking, there is no other way other than to use SEO. You have to optimize your website pages for your target keywords if you want to rank your website high for those keywords. Try to rank higher in the search engine without doing SEO, and you will find that most of what you do will bring little to no results for you. Yes, you can still rank high in the search engine, but not for your target keywords. This will only result in traffic that doesn’t convert well.

2. SEO is Getting More Complex Than Ever

The term “SEO is dead” is only used by people who are already frustrated with SEO, because of the increasing complexity of search engine algorithms. If you say “SEO is not like it used to be” instead of saying “SEO is dead,” you would be right. This is because SEO is indeed becoming more complex than ever, with the focus of the search engines shifted heavily on a great user experience. As a webmaster, you have to conform to the new standards set by the search engines.

3. Advanced SEO Strategies are Needed

Since SEO is becoming more complex, you need a new way of doing SEO, with advanced SEO strategies. There are many elements in SEO that were not available back in the good old days. These elements include social media popularity, social interaction, website age, and so on. These elements need to be incorporated into your SEO strategies, as they will affect your website ranking.

4. You Do SEO Whether You Realize It or Not

If you say that SEO is dead, and you don’t do any SEO for your online business, yet you end up getting a higher ranking in the search engine, it means that you are still doing SEO. The only difference is that you don’t realize that you are doing SEO. Moreover, your results are likely to be based on luck, because you really can’t predict it nor have goals to achieve it. So, SEO is not dead for as long as you end up getting traffic from the search engines.

5. Search Engines Still Exist to Deliver Traffic to Your Website

The biggest reason SEO is not dead is because there are still search engines available for you to use. As long as people still using search engines to find something that they are looking for online, SEO is still needed in your online business. This is the only way you can use to deliver traffic to your website, which means that this is the only way for you to reach your audience via the search engine platforms.