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10 Hashtags You May Not Want to Use

Are you caught up in the hashtag chaos?

If you are using a hashtag, or a number of hashtags just for the ‘fun of it’ you don’t need to read any further, but if you are trying to build or grow a business online you might want to read some more.

Here are a list of hashtags that probably won’t get you any business:

  1.  #mydogcantswim
  2.  #peelthelayersofanonion
  3.  #iamgoinginsane
  4.  #ijustgotoutofjail
  5.  #weredogs
  6.  #whatihadfordinner
  7.  #idontlikeyou
  8.  #monkeysarefunny
  9.  #crazyisascrazydoes
  10.  #imalwaysonholidays

Hashtags are a very misunderstood tool in social media, but when used properly they can be a very useful marketing technique. They are equivalent to Google search – by clicking on the #hashtag you will be able to access a list of content that use that keyword. This can be a great way to curate content.

A hashtag can help you boost your keywords so that people can easily find the product or service you are offering. They are also very helpful in growing your expert status. Just make sure that you follow the etiquette for the social media platform you are using them on.

I know they can be confusing and there isn’t a lot of clear information out there. This is the secret marketing technique I talk about in my Keyword Marketing Secrets report.

Enticing Social Media Posts Can Lead to More Website Traffic

Get More Website Traffic

Getting more website traffic is something we all strive for, and social media can help you increase visits to your website.

When your social media posts go viral, you not only grow your social network following, but you also increase the value of your various profiles to Google and other search engines. So it is important to give some thought as to what you are sharing and how it will impact your online presence and how it can provide you will some valuable website traffic.

Here are three things to consider before you post:

  1. Is your content emotion-catching? Posts that elicit emotion from people, will result in more shares, comments and likes. When people can relate to a post, they will find a connection.
  2. Are you sharing something that can be interactive? Including a call to action in the post, after sharing valuable information that your target market is interested in, can result in an interactive post. Try including a small survey that doesn’t require others to spend lots of time on the answers, but yet makes them think.
  3. Do your headlines pack a punch? Peruse trending topics, follow your competitors, and listen to what your ideal clients are talking about. These will provide you with good ideas on what is important to your audience.

3 Ways Twitter Chats Can Build Your Social Media Reach

In the social media age, building your social reach is an important part of any business. You need to stand out, and be easy to find. One way to do that is to take part in, or even host your own Twitter Chat. While there are many ways that Twitter Chats can help you build awareness, I have listed the top 3 below:

  1. Show your expertise: The Twitter Chat platform allows you to share information about a certain topic that is likely relevant to your audience.
  2. Connect with other industry experts: By sharing information on a Twitter Chat, and using a #hashtag that other industry experts will notice, your information will begin to show up on their feeds and offer up an opportunity for interaction, conversation and potentially collaboration.
  3. Grow your Klout Score: As more people connect, retweet, reply and interact with you on topics that are important to you, your clients, and prospective contacts, you will begin to grow your Klout score, which calculates your online influence.

Join me Tuesdays, when I co-host the Women Speakers Association #SpeakerChat with Melanie Benson Strick.

What’s all the Tweeting About?

I was recently asked to share some quick Twitter Tips with my local community, and was featured in the Inaugural issue of What’s On Langley.  Here is the information I shared.

What's all the Tweeting About

Online and offline marketing is inviting you daily to “Follow Us on Twitter.”

You’ve taken a look at Twitter and you just don’t get it! And why should you even care?

  • Brands are moving to social media as a way to interact, share information, provide customer service and build relationships.
  • The most up-to-date news stories are being shared on Twitter first, as this fast-paced micro-blogging platform makes it easy to share information quickly without needing a lot of detail.
  • Small business is thriving on Twitter – connections, collaborations, B2B and joint ventures are being created daily.

3 Tips to help you get started

  1. Choose a short Twitter name, if possible. (mine is @partnerinbiz, but shows up as Tracey Ehman)
  2. Write posts that are about 110 – 120 long including your Twitter name so they can be easily retweeted.
  3. Be sure to add your Avatar – it can be your photo, or something that would be recognizable to your potential followers, like a company logo. (As a rule I don’t follow those with only the default avatar.)

5 Twitter Terms Explained:

  • Follow – when you are interested in someone’s content, or they are interested in yours, you can “follow” them, which means that their posts will appear in your Home Feed.
  • Retweet (RT) () – when you want to share the information someone else posted on Twitter, you can click on the Retweet icon, and share the post.
  • Favorite () – If you see a post you like, that you might want to come back to, “favoriting” it will make it more easily accessible. It is also used to let people know that you like what they have posted.
  • Hashtags (#) – using hashtags # allows you to tag a particular subject, which can then be easily searched by others who want to know about it. ie #SocialMedia
  • Reply () – when you have a comment on a post, you can click on the reply icon, and share your response.

If you want to learn more about Twitter or Social Media in general and how it can help your business please go to Ask Tracey and enter your question.

5 Social Media Mistakes You Could Be Making



Social Media MistakesSocial media is everywhere these days. All you have to do is watch television to see that every show, advertiser and even news channel is utilizing social media. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+ there are links plastered all over the internet.

Social media has taken the “six degrees of separation” and taken it to “three degrees of separation.”

So the question is, are you taking advantage of this opportunity to connect and build relationships with other like-minded individuals?

While there are a lot of marketers, coaches, and speakers using social media as an important way to grow their business, many are still struggling with how to use it properly. They often make mistakes that can result in social media being more harmful than good for their business, brand and reputation.

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5 Social Media Mistakes You Could Be Making

Tracey Ehman - Online Presence StrategistYours in success,


Tracey Ehman

Are You Using Hashtags in Your Social Media Posts?

If you aren’t using #hashtags in your social media posts you may be missing out on some great connections and resources!

When it comes to letting your ideal follower know you exist and allowing you to find quality people to follow, hashtags are a powerful tool, if you use them correctly.


Here are some tips to make them work for you, not against you! Read More→

Do you ever feel that Social Media is a time and money waster?

Last month I was honored to have been featured on the Women Speakers Association’s #SpeakerChat.  If you didn’t get a chance to join me, I will be sharing some tips that I mentioned during that session over the next week.

Social Media - not a time wasterIn the meantime though, please take a moment to go read my blog post called How to Profit with Social Media Even if You Think It’s a Waste of Time & Money on the Women Speakers Association’s blog and leave your comments or questions.

The Social Media Sandbox

Are you playing in the right sandbox for your business??

It is easy to get caught up in the joy of finding new friends and connections on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and a variety of forums and associations.  But, are these new connections really adding to your business reach, and potentially increasing your bottom-line?

An important action to take to be sure you are playing in the same social media sandbox as your desired audience is to research where your audience is hanging out online. They may not be on all social media platforms, and so you don’t need to be either.  Some of this research should include finding and following the movers and shakers of your industry.  Your desired audience is likely already a part of that community, and will be easier to reach.

Social Media Sandbox

Take the time to listen to what your audience is saying.  Are they sharing their struggles?  What questions do they have for the big names in your industry?  Watch what information both your audience and the movers and shakers are sharing, retweeting.  If you can provide some assistance, then reach out, and provide the support.  As you become more and more known in the social media sandbox that your audience plays in, your reach and bottom-line will begin to grow, and your connections will become solid.

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The Shotgun Approach to all Things Marketing

Shotgun_Approach_to_MarketingWhen businesses are scrambling to gain more clients, meet new prospects and grow company awareness, many resort to the “shotgun approach to marketing.”

This is usually characterized with last minute advertising, a deluge of information that is dumped, unwittingly, on the general public through social media, and knee jerk reactions and immediate changes to all marketing.

Why doesn’t the “shotgun approach to marketing work?”

Ultimately, if there is no plan in place, no strategy for what each marketing piece should result in, as well as measurements, the marketing is limited to today – not the future.

To successfully grow your business you need to be marketing 90 days in advance. You need to understand that the marketing you do now will fill the sales funnel in the future.

Are you making these mistakes with your business?  Contact me to arrange an Online Presence Strategy session.

Rev Up Your Word of Mouth Reach with Social Media

Have you built your business through “word of mouth?”

Many businesses are built on referrals from happy clients – little or no traditional advertising is needed… “they tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on….”  At some point though, “word of mouth” tends not to be enough for most people when they are ready to expand.

Social Media can quickly increase the amount of referrals you can receive.  “Word of mouth” is no longer kept to direct conversations between friends or colleagues – it can now be shared with thousands upon thousands of individuals that are seeking your services.  When your clients or colleagues talk about you in their social media, they are sharing with all of their friends and acquaintances as well.

Social media provides an easy way to share recommendations, introductions and expertise with everyone who connects, follows, friends or fans you.  If you have recently dealt with someone that has provided optimum service be sure to let your contacts know, and they may return the favour.

Remember it is important to cultivate these social media relationships as you never know who will be contacting you or where an introduction will come from.