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10 Hashtags You May Not Want to Use

Are you caught up in the hashtag chaos?

If you are using a hashtag, or a number of hashtags just for the ‘fun of it’ you don’t need to read any further, but if you are trying to build or grow a business online you might want to read some more.

Here are a list of hashtags that probably won’t get you any business:

  1.  #mydogcantswim
  2.  #peelthelayersofanonion
  3.  #iamgoinginsane
  4.  #ijustgotoutofjail
  5.  #weredogs
  6.  #whatihadfordinner
  7.  #idontlikeyou
  8.  #monkeysarefunny
  9.  #crazyisascrazydoes
  10.  #imalwaysonholidays

Hashtags are a very misunderstood tool in social media, but when used properly they can be a very useful marketing technique. They are equivalent to Google search – by clicking on the #hashtag you will be able to access a list of content that use that keyword. This can be a great way to curate content.

A hashtag can help you boost your keywords so that people can easily find the product or service you are offering. They are also very helpful in growing your expert status. Just make sure that you follow the etiquette for the social media platform you are using them on.

I know they can be confusing and there isn’t a lot of clear information out there. This is the secret marketing technique I talk about in my Keyword Marketing Secrets report.

5 Social Media Mistakes You Could Be Making



Social Media MistakesSocial media is everywhere these days. All you have to do is watch television to see that every show, advertiser and even news channel is utilizing social media. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+ there are links plastered all over the internet.

Social media has taken the “six degrees of separation” and taken it to “three degrees of separation.”

So the question is, are you taking advantage of this opportunity to connect and build relationships with other like-minded individuals?

While there are a lot of marketers, coaches, and speakers using social media as an important way to grow their business, many are still struggling with how to use it properly. They often make mistakes that can result in social media being more harmful than good for their business, brand and reputation.

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5 Social Media Mistakes You Could Be Making

Tracey Ehman - Online Presence StrategistYours in success,


Tracey Ehman

Do you ever feel that Social Media is a time and money waster?

Last month I was honored to have been featured on the Women Speakers Association’s #SpeakerChat.  If you didn’t get a chance to join me, I will be sharing some tips that I mentioned during that session over the next week.

Social Media - not a time wasterIn the meantime though, please take a moment to go read my blog post called How to Profit with Social Media Even if You Think It’s a Waste of Time & Money on the Women Speakers Association’s blog and leave your comments or questions.

Don’t Have Time to Send A Card This Holiday? Think Again

Here is an convenient option to get your holiday greeting cards out this year!   Check out this great little video which will explain how easy it can be to get your holiday cards out this year, and never step foot in the post office.  You can even include gifts to be sent, if you would like.

I’ve already got most of mine scheduled to go out on November 30th…

After you watch the video, if you are interested in giving this a try, I would love to gift you with a Free Card.  Click on my link and Just Click To Send.  (Make sure to have the speakers down, as another video will start automatically when you go to the page).  Once you are the site, click on the Send a Free Card.

If you would like to get a Greeting Card System, contact me directly.

Happy Holidays!