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Proud to be a Total Makeover Challenge Sponsor

I’m excited to once again be taking part in the Total Makeover Challenge as a sponsor.

I got the opportunity to meet these incredible women when I did some social media training guiding them on how they can use social media to build awareness and engagement as they move through this incredible journey.

As part of the Total Makeover Challenge Amazing Race the challenger will be visiting my website, and answering a question.

If you are a challenger, please feel free to leave a quick comment. Read More→

Believe in Yourself

One of my favorite quotes is “Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It.”

Believe in Yourself

In order to expand your reach, impact more people, and achieve big things, you need to believe in yourself and I believe that you need to start with a dream.  It may appear as a well-thought out plan, but that isn’t always the case.  But you need to be able to visualize what you want to achieve, and then believe that you can do it. Read More→

YOU Are Your USP

Finding your unique selling position isn’t that hard.

In fact, all you need to do it look in the mirror!

You are your Unique Sell Position

Let’s face it, there are thousands, if not millions of people that offer the same services as you do worldwide.  With the internet people can access services any where in the world for a variety of price points and skill.

So why should they do business with you?  What sets you apart from all of the others? How can you compete with sometimes ridiculously low pricing?

The key to growing your business is sharing your unique selling position with people by building relationships.  Share YOUR story.  By sharing your story, your WHY for being in business, as well as what you offer, your prospects will see why you are the person/company they need to work with.

The Shotgun Approach to all Things Marketing

Shotgun_Approach_to_MarketingWhen businesses are scrambling to gain more clients, meet new prospects and grow company awareness, many resort to the “shotgun approach to marketing.”

This is usually characterized with last minute advertising, a deluge of information that is dumped, unwittingly, on the general public through social media, and knee jerk reactions and immediate changes to all marketing.

Why doesn’t the “shotgun approach to marketing work?”

Ultimately, if there is no plan in place, no strategy for what each marketing piece should result in, as well as measurements, the marketing is limited to today – not the future.

To successfully grow your business you need to be marketing 90 days in advance. You need to understand that the marketing you do now will fill the sales funnel in the future.

Are you making these mistakes with your business?  Contact me to arrange an Online Presence Strategy session.

It Will Only Take 5 Minutes

How many times have you heard this line?Outsourcing - Only 5 mnutes

If you contract your services out, I am betting that you have heard it often.

When people or companies decide that they are ready to ask for help, they are not always ready to relinquish control. They know what they want to have happen, but just don’t know the best way to make it reality. Which is why they have asked for help and reached out to a virtual assistant, social media analyst, or any number of individuals who they believe can assist them.

If it really took just 5 minutes then I imagine that they would have the time to implement it themselves and they would be less likely to ask for help.  It is my job to either assist or complete the project, or job for them, after understanding exactly what they are looking for… and sometimes helping them to become aware of what it is really needed.  It takes time to do a job well.

I find that my more successful partnerships are ones that start with a Strategy Session.  This not only allows us to connect, and get a really good understanding of the business, but also gives me the time to explain the steps involved with helping the business reach their goals.  After our strategy session is over, I do some further strategy and provide a report, that gives them the information they need to move forward on their own, or at the very least, to know what needs to be done, and what to ask for when they contract me or my team, or even decide to connect with someone else.

Partnering in your success.



Giving Back – Speaking Can Be Transformational

I have had the opportunity over the last six months to speak at a variety of events, from classrooms and workshops, to association dinners, and entrepreneurial women groups.  When I began, I was definitely stepping a long way “out of the box.”  I was completely out of my comfort zone, and really wondering if I was going to be sharing something that these groups already knew.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of facilitating a workshop at the Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Leadership Conference. I realized while you may hear the same information from several individuals, one person might explain it in a way that you just “get.”  Walking away from any workshop or seminar with even just one piece of information that you didn’t know before,  or was presented to you in a different way, is well worth the price of admission (whether paid, or just in time spent).

Looking forward to my next speaking engagement.

Good luck to all the incredible students that attended the workshop ” Networking & Your Online Presence!”

Consistency is Key to Any Success

For some people it appears that things come very easy.  No matter what they always come out on top, or so it seems.  But I imagine in most cases they are like those bands dubbed “overnight successes.”  It was through hard work, perseverance, consistency and tenacity that they finally achieved the goals that they set out to achieve.

Can you relate to the “overnight success” comment?  What did you have to go through before you got to the level of success you were looking to achieve? And, once you achieved  your goals, did you stop and celebrate your success, feeling very satisfied with where you were at…. or did you celebrate your sucess and set your sights on a higher goal?

Please share your “overnight success.”