Are You Using Hashtags in Your Social Media Posts?

If you aren’t using #hashtags in your social media posts you may be missing out on some great connections and resources!

When it comes to letting your ideal follower know you exist and allowing you to find quality people to follow, hashtags are a powerful tool, if you use them correctly.


Here are some tips to make them work for you, not against you!

  1. Don’t over-use hashtags – For example, if you are adding hashtags to every post, or inserting more than two in any one post, that is seen as “over-use.”
  2. A great way to use hashtags as a powerful tool is when you are tweeting about an event, a book, fresh news about a certain topic. (For example, I co-host a weekly #SpeakerChat for the Women Speakers Association, so when I am posting about our upcoming guest, or when anyone is posting during the chat, they will use the #SpeakerChat hashtags)
  3. Watch for hashtags that resonate with you and your audience.  They can be found everywhere… but here are some good places to watch for them:
  • Social network profiles
  • Blog posts
  • Signatures
  • Social network posts
  • e-Newsletters

4.  Begin to use those hashtags in your own content, and even look at creating your own.  Be sure you visit where you can register your hashtags.  (Keep in mind though, that while you can register them, you can’t own them, so others can use them as well.)

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