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7 Tips To Write Engaging Content That Search Engines Will Love

The secret of a good search engine placement lies in your content. You write your website content not only for your audience, but for the search engines as well. This is because search engines are the ones that will connect your website with your audience. If you have a good, engaging content to offer both for your audience and the search engine, it will ensure your success in your SEO campaign. So, how can you write content that will get ranked by the search engines quickly?

Here are 7 tips to write engaging content that search engines will love:

Choose A Hot Topic

Why choose a hot topic? That’s because it is the topic that can become viral very quickly on the internet. What you need to do is to choose a hot topic within your niche, which people are interested to learn more about. It can be about the current trend, or the most popular topic that keeps on getting talked about within your niche.

Research The Keywords Relevant To The Topic

The next step is to research some keywords that are relevant to the topic that you choose. Your goal is to find about 5 keywords that have the highest relevance to your chosen topic. But, you have to make sure that your keywords have little competition, or that it is not too difficult for you to rank. You should use a good keyword research tool to find the best keywords for your content.

Write a Detailed Article for the Topic

Now that you have chosen the topic and the keywords for your content, it’s time for you to start writing. You need to write a detailed article about the topic, and ensure that you share valuable information in your article. It’s not enough to write a 500-1000 word article. You should write about 2000-3000 word article, which can help to cover a lot of details about the topic.

Place Your Target Keywords Throughout the Content

Now, place your target keywords throughout the content that you have written. You don’t need to overdo this step, and you have to ensure that the keywords don’t disturb the flow of your article. Ideally, since you have 5 keywords to target, you can place 2 for each keyword within the content. So, the total keywords that you place within your content will be 10.

Share Your Content on Social Media

Once you’ve published the article on your website, it is important to make it go viral on social media. This is because search engines love content that is popular on social media, and they will tend to rank your content well if you can make it popular on social media. This is what you need to do, which is to share your content on your social media pages.

Turn Your Content Into a Video

Now that you have your content published on your website and shared on social media, it’s time to milk your content even more. You can turn your content into a video that you will publish on your YouTube channel. Of course, this will help you to attract more traffic to your website, as well as get more search engine attention.

Encourage a Discussion in Your Article

Encourage your readers to discuss about the content once they’ve read it. This is to keep your content updated, which is good for your search engine ranking, and to keep it go viral. The more people contribute in the comment section of your article, the more your content will go up in the search engine ranking. In a very short period of time, you will see your content ranked well for the keywords that you have targeted.

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